World Cup: president Gianni Infantino proposes 48-team tournament

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As though the planet Cup isn’t laborious enough to win, FIFA president Gianni Infantino is wanting to feature another sixteen groups to the competition.

The proposal would see a contest spherical value-added before the cluster stages, with the sixteen defeated nations going home when taking part in only 1 match.

From then on, the remaining thirty two groups would progress through the tournament as was common.

“The plan is that sixteen groups would qualify on to the cluster stage and therefore the alternative thirty two would play in a very preliminary part, within the country wherever the planet Cup is being compete,” Infantino told reporters at an occurrence in Bogota, Colombia.

“They would play for the remaining sixteen places. It suggests that we tend to continue with a standard World Cup for thirty two groups, however forty eight groups move to the party.”

One of Infantino’s proposals in his presidential pronunciamento was to extend the quantity of groups competitive in World Cups to forty when Qatar 2022.

A decision is ready to be created on the plans at the FIFA Council Meeting in January 2017. The bidding method for the 2026 tournament had been because of occur next year, however has been placed on hold amid allegations of corruption close the 2018 and 2022 votes.

“These ar concepts to seek out the most effective answer. can|we’ll|we are going to} dialogue them this month and that we will decide everything by 2017,” Infantino continuing. “They ar concepts that we tend to advance to examine that one is that the best.

“FIFA’s plan is to develop soccer within the whole world, and therefore the World Cup is that the biggest event there’s,” he said. “It’s over a contest, it’s a event.”

However, Infantino’s enlargement plans are met with criticism and opposition from high-profile names within the sport.

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